Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Columbus Indiana Wedding Photographer | Thankful

Today, I am feeling incredibly thankful. 

Being newly married, working a day job, and building a photography business while making time for God, our family, friends, and church family leaves my head spinning some days on how to manage it all. Some days I'm not sure I will ever get better at it. It seems like something is always suffering because my focus is on one of the other many things I have to do which honestly makes me feel like a big failure most of the time. Some weeks its not spending time with friends or family, other times it's not getting enough one-on-one time with Kyle or not reading my Bible. The last few weeks it has been neglecting house work. Last week I had started spending a few minutes here and there on cleaning and laundry but I felt so overwhelmed that I would not get caught up! Kyle helps around the house too and has lately been cooking our meals, but his job is very active so sometimes when we get home from work he just needs to rest. 

Well one of my dear cousins schemed up a little plan and when we came home yesterday from work and turning in our taxes (another big stressor!) the house was clean and scrubbed and swept and all of the dishes were done! I was ecstatic and Kyle was simply shocked. Last night I kept going into the kitchen and doing a little happy dance. I even decided to do my editing in there. I'm so thankful to my cousin for taking time out of her busy day and driving over with her girls to do this wonderful act of kindness for us! 

Hopefully one of these days I will be able to manage my time and responsibilities better than I do now. I am working towards implementing some new systems so we will see how that goes. I'm thankful that each day is another day to try again and do better and be better!

My cousin and I at my wedding. Copyright Meagan Dawn Photography.

Kendra Lynn

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